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5 Reasons to be Glad You Were Priced Out of Boulder

5 Reasons to be Glad You Were Priced Out of Boulder

Let’s face it. Boulder is amazing. It’s a haven for foodies, athletes, progressives, amazing restaurants and academic pursuits. You can’t deny the beauty of the foothills and easy access to world-class shopping and remote mountain trails.

But there comes a time in many people’s home buying journeys when they realize Boulder isn’t the perfect place to live. Whether the home you want doesn’t exist there, or you simply can’t afford it.

Stress not! This is actually a blessing in disguise and we’re going to tell you why.

When you venture to the eastern border of Boulder County to the town of Erie, you will rejoice when you see how much more custom home features your dollars can buy. And you won’t have to compromise amenities or great schools! That’s because Porchfront Homes is offering new home buyers luxurious and striking custom homes at a fraction of the Boulder pricetag.

Erie Village, one of the newest residential developments along E. County Line Road in Erie, Co. combines hands-on architectural services with surprisingly affordable prices. Here are five reasons why you’ll smile when you discover the perks of a custom home in Erie Village:

1. You can Build Your Own Carriage HomeErie, Colorado Homes Real Estate Property Values Infographic

Where in Boulder can you find a home with a separate carriage house for Mom, visiting friends, or the nanny? Really, nowhere. Boulder’s zoning restrictions make the carriage home an exclusive option because lot sizes and setbacks rarely accommodate a separate structure.

In Erie Village, carriage homes are welcome. There are five remaining lots with carriage home options, allowing you to provide a living option for extended family, or a rental to subsidize your mortgage payments. With home prices skyrocketing, this is one of the most attractive aspects of Erie Village.

2. Better Mountain Views (Really!)

The Flatiron Mountain View from Boulder is undeniably stunning. And the view often commands  a substantial price tag and rightfully so. So could the views really be better in Erie? Absolutely.  The farther you get from Boulder, the better the view. Enjoy breathtaking snow capped peaks stretching from north to south. 

With its neighbors that raise livestock and sell farm fresh eggs, Erie Village is a high-end answer to those seeking a peaceful life in a growing community. Not only does Erie offer top-notch schools and exceptional recreation opportunities, its proximity to Lafayette, Boulder, Denver and DIA make it great for all types of families.

3. The Same Custom Home in Erie Village is Half the Price

You can build a custom home in Boulder, but with a hefty price tag, of course. An almost identical Porchfront home that sold in 2015 in Boulder for over $1.12 million is available in Erie Village in the low $600s.

Here’s the bonus: The sale price includes a $10,000 architectural allowance. That means you won’t be adding customization costs on top of the sticker price! Home buyers work directly with Osmosis Architecture and Porchfront Homes to design their floor plan, finish level, number of stories, size of garage and much more.

It's hard not to fall in love with the beautiful model homes offered by some of the national home builders surrounding Erie at a fraction of Boulder prices. But beware, you and hundreds of your neighbors will all share the same floor plan and even the exterior elevation. Often times buyers will spend over $100,000 upgrading their cookie-cutter home.  Want solid-core doors for your bedrooms or nice deep kitchen cabinet drawers? Watch out, often times those builders won't even offer that option. You'll have to do so after closing.

In Erie Village, each home is required to be different, including the interior floor plan and elevation.

4. History Inspired the Charismatic Nature of Erie Village

Reaching into the settler roots of Rocky Mountain towns from the mid-1800s, Porchfront Homes has shaped a stunning, high-end neighborhood where no two homes are the same. Just like homes in downtown Boulder, houses along the curved streets of Erie Village express the charm and personality of their owners.  And with the help of 8030 Realty, the listing agent for Erie Village, you still have more than a dozen opportunities to design your version of a perfectly creative abode.

Homes in Erie Village welcome visitors with charismatic color, historically-influenced pitched roofs and unique styles all their own. From navy and ivory, violet and spring leaf, and a rich palette of lively hues, homes here express the vibrant creativity of their owners. Choose your own style! Options range from Queen Anne, Colonial revival, Italianate, Greek to Gothic revival.

5. It’s an Established, One of a Kind Neighborhood

Brand new homes in Boulder are far and few between and the ones that are there typically exceed a $1 million asking price.  Even if you have a healthy million dollar budget, finding a new home in an mature, established neighborhood is a challenge.

If you’re curious about how Porchfront has interpreted the colorful style of mining days gone by, a cruise through the gently curving streets of Erie Village reveals established homes with robust, flowering trees and neat yards. On weekends, the tight knit aura of this maturing neighborhood is clear. Neighbors gather on sidewalks and in yards, while children play in the open space and on the playground in nearby St. John Park.

Porchfront Homes has produced a colorful landscape of free-spirited homes bound by architectural standards – just like one, big creative family.

See Erie Village for Yourself!

Join us at an upcoming open house at 1430 Greening Avenue in Erie:

  • Saturday, June 12 – 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • For more open houses at Erie Village, visit Porchfront Homes

If you’re interested in learning more about Erie Village and its remaining properties, visit Porchfront Homes or contact an 8030 Realty broker.

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