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Healthier, More Sustainable Meat: Get $50 to Try Locavore Delivery

If you’re a meat eater, wouldn’t you rather buy your meat from local independent, family-owned ranches? And wouldn’t you feel better knowing your meat comes from happier, pasture-fed animals that are raised ethically? Do you seek alternative sources to provision your paleo diet? Or do you simply prefer meat that offers more protein and vitamins, with less saturated fats, than the factory farm options available at your grocer? If you answered yes to any of these, we’d like to introduce you to our friends at Locavore Delivery.

Locavore Delivery is Boulder’s specialty meat connection, conveniently delivering healthy & savory cuts from local family farms directly to your door. Our friends at Locavore Delivery are offering Live Love Boulder subscribers a $50 credit so you can try one of their 3 month trial subscription plans, with options designed to match your tastes and the size of your household. Locavore Delivery is also a great source of recipes and specialty cuts for holiday dinners and other special occasions.

Locavore Delivery founder and Boulder resident Craig Taber says the company’s mission is to provide the highest standard of naturally-raised animal protein to their customers. They make the process of buying locally sourced foods transparent, affordable and as convenient as possible: select cuts direct to your door, in small quantities, and with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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