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Turn Back the Clock on Your Colorado-Worn Face

Turn Back the Clock on Your Colorado-Worn Face

High-altitude sun nurtures beautiful wildflowers, strong aspens and glorious fields of nature’s bounty. The baking Colorado sun is a key component of high-altitude beauty, but it’s not as kind to our beautiful skin!

So what happens when you start to see the mark of mountain living on your face? Boulder resident Jen Murphy offers an answer with her brand new, organic line of cosmetics called version.O.

version.O is a plant-based cosmetic line born in Boulder that competes with the best names on the market -- and for good reason. This line was made for tough skin care cases, such as Jen’s best friend who has rosacea and a nut allergy. It’s also perfect for long-lasting applications and can stay fresh for long days on a film set.

While anyone can use version.O, Jen’s line is especially great for people with sensitive skin, inflammatory conditions, or those who have allergies. Some of the ingredients she uses are reported to work great for people who have experienced cancer treatment -- and even protect the skin of Russian cosmonauts!

Not only do her products work to maintain a healthy glow, she also says they can make you look younger -- and who doesn’t want that?

Jen’s 24 years of professional makeup experience on films and photo shoots has given her “a great perspective because it has to perform well on all-day film and photo shoots or it’s a no-go for me,” she said. A makeup artist, licensed esthetician, mom and owner of a Master Degree in Philosophy of Aesthetics, Jen is no stranger to the makeup and skincare industry.Turn Back the Clock on Your Colorado-Worn Face

She thoroughly researches organic herbs and natural ingredients before she adds them to her products. She knows the common uses, nutrient values, scientific names and what forms her ingredients come in, but she also relies on her intuition when it comes time to creating her products.

By choosing the best extracts and essential oils from across the globe, Jen is incredibly astute on the origins of cosmetic ingredients.

“For those of you who don’t know, helichrysum is hands down the best essential oil for the skin,” she said. Helichrysum, a flower extract, is one of the main ingredients in her popular ELIXER v. Sandalwood Helichrysum toner and moisturizer. “The wild harvested helichrysum from Corsica is far more effective than any other.”

Her most popular item is the oil serum called PROTECTOR v. raspberry pomegranate. It’s a product she donated to all of the participants of the Courageous Women, Fearless Living Retreat for cancer survivors last year.

“Cancer treatments really wreck the skin,” she said. “Four of the five ingredients have been seriously researched by the Russian government for use on cosmonauts in space to protect them from the intensified UV rays.”

Not only does she have an impressive line of products, she has created a resource called It showcases organic and superb makeup and skincare products that she recommends. Check out her glossary that teaches you the benefits and origins of natural ingredients! There’s also a review system that grades the purity of products and how well they perform.

A Boulder resident for 27 years, this local businesswoman adores the small-town feel where the shop owners know your name. She is currently in the process of exploring local boutiques and spas focused on very high quality and organics in which to sell her line, but for the moment you can find all of her amazing creations at

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