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Bradford Heap's Wild Standard Catches Pearl Street's Attention

Local chef-restaurateur Bradford Heap has just opened his brand new, responsibly-sourced, globally-inspired seafood eatery called Wild Standard at 1043 Pearl Street, and boy are our mouths are watering. The chef and owner of Colterra (in Niwot) and SALT (also in Boulder) is taking farm fresh to the extreme. He has partnered with Dave Asbury, owner of Full Circle Farms, to create an enterprise called Soul Patch Farms in Longmont where there is a designated 15 acre area on Asbury’s land that is farmed exclusively for food going to Heap’s restaurants. The fruits and vegetables are non GMO, standing firm with Heap’s dedication of absolutely no GMO foods in his restaurants, and are planned specifically by Heap and Asbury according to the growing season and desired menu. Although he carefully picks the freshest fish from the global market as well, Bradford remains focused on localism.

The way the food comes to the restaurant isn’t the only unique aspect. Small bite size seafood dishes are offered from carts, like a dim sum parlor, and cocktails can be ordered in terms of “dive depth”, or rather how much alcohol you’d like in your drink. The space itself is a one-of-a-kind water inspired wonderland crafted by Heap’s wife, Carol Vilate, an interior designer who focuses on re-purposing materials. Even the decor has a local flair like the bar that is made from a fallen cottonwood tree out of Boulder County. The bar includes kegged wine and beer on tap, many from Colorado.

There are several areas to choose for seating. The main upstairs dining room allows for 92 guests, the “Pearl Dive” downstairs bar seats 35, and there is a patio option as well.

Heap prides all of his restaurants on sustainability, quality, and individuality. You can expect nothing less from his newest venture. Wild Standard will be open for lunch, happy hour, dinner, and weekend brunch so stop by and eat local.

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