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Boulder Residents Out For Blood About Folsom Bike Lane Recall

The debate is still on regarding the bike lanes on Folsom, though it sounds like many got the result they were looking for. Even though the protected bike lanes proposed in June and implemented in July were looked on favorably by some, the intense opposition in emails to the city and letters to the editor of The Daily Camera from many business owners, drivers, and even some cyclists proved that most people found the project enough of an inconvenience to complain.

Those that supported the Right Sizing measure of adding the widened bike lanes and reducing the car lanes were vehement over the reversal of the project, happening now, entitled Strip Right. They put spray painted bikes that looked like they were covered in blood at major intersections and dressed in black for mourning at the city council meetings. About 100 bicyclists even rode in protest ending at Greenleaf Park to have an actual eulogy for the project delivered by TV personality Ryan Van Duzer.

"It feels like a slap in the face," Becky Higbee said, "to claim that you're such a bike-friendly city, and make one small trial lane, then backtrack on it so quickly,” she reported to the Daily Camera.

But perhaps the real cause for anger was the $170,000 it cost the city, and ultimately the taxpayers, to build such a short-lived project. How much will it cost to augment portions of Folsom and take out the enhanced bike lane to return the road to four lanes? City staff members are the ones rumored to have recommended the roll back action due to the fact that snow removal plans might not work well now, in addition to noticeable differences in travel times. Interesting that they didn’t consider the snow problems back in June. 

Those who are for the project are not at a complete loss, however. The protected Folsom lanes will remain from Pine Street north to Valmont Road and Arapahoe Ave south to Colorado Ave providing the extra protection those plastic bollards, pavement markings, and adjusted lane sizing were originally meant to.

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