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5 Reasons to Get Excited about the Old Daily Camera Property on Pearl Street

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You’ve probably seen a massive new building rising from the block between Pearl, Walnut, 9th and 11th - the former home of the Daily Camera. But you shouldn’t be put off by all of the scaffolding at this site, aptly named PearlWest. Good things are ahead – and to the west of Pearl!

We can hardly quell our enthusiasm for this development in downtown Boulder. There’s just about five months left until PearlWest is finished, bringing a movie theater, rooftop park, restaurants, office space and robotic parking to Pearl and Walnut streets.

With its innovative design, top-notch green status and Flatiron views, this 175,000-square-foot retail and office building represents the future of Boulder. (You can check out a live feed of the progress here).

Your patience during construction will be rewarded when these buildings open their doors. The four-story building will blend with its established neighbors, while its high-tech and eco-friendly design will bring an unprecedented, modern feel to downtown.

When PearlWest opens in May, these are the top five reasons you’ll be happy it’s in Boulder:

1. Ultra-Green Construction

The sleek glass of PearlWest will capture natural sunlight – and that’s just one way it’s going to be one of the greenest buildings in the city. It’ll have a Platinum LEED certification, plus the project already won the Denver Business Journal 2015 Green Design Award. Its rooftop will be home to a community plaza and a parking garage will open to the public after 5 p.m. There will be reserved parking spaces for low-emission vehicles and electric car charging stations. 

2. Robotic Parking

Sixty of the 280 parking spaces will be completely automated, which we think is very “Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol” of Boulder (it’ll be one of a handful of robotic garages in the entire nation).

Here’s how the robotic parking will work: Tenants will drive into a single parking spot and leave their car.  A robot will scan it with lasers, slide under the vehicle to pick it up, and then park it underground, said Dan Schuetz, project executive for Nichols Partnership, one of the developers.

When they’re ready to leave, they’ll type in a code and in two minutes the automated system will find their car and deliver it to the same spot where they left it.

3. Quality Employment

PearlWest represents the growth that’s creating space for quality jobs in our backyard. With businesses coming from around the country, PearlWest’s office space is fully leased, plus there’s one more retail space up for grabs, said Schuetz. Tenants include California-based The Trade Desk Inc., Boulder-based SolidFire Inc., investment firm Crestone Capital Advisors LLC and tech startup hub Galvanize.

4. Sunset, Dinner and a Movie

Want to watch the sunset on your own time? There’s going to be a public park that anyone can access on the top of the new structure. Rest assured, we’ll be enjoying the sunsets with you!

We also adore the proposition of two new restaurants. The 2,500-square-foot restaurant on PearlWest’s rooftop has yet to be named. Downstairs, Eureka! promises to serve delicious American eats, craft brews, mixers, music and special events.

Love movies? Starting in May you’ll be able to walk downtown to see a film on the big screen! The theater will have four screens and about 200 seats. Although developers are still looking for an operator, the theater is a definite, said Schuetz. For an after-dinner eatery, stop by one of our favorite restaurants on Walnut (like Brasserie Ten Ten) or try one of the new restaurants at PearlWest.

5.This is the Future of the West

The Daily Camera building was a downtown icon for 120 years. PearlWest is its delightfully sophisticated replacement, which we all hope will keep driving commerce west of Pearl as the banner outside suggests today, “Head west for more great shops and restaurants!”

This is truly an exciting time to live in Boulder.

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