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8030 Resources

*This list represents contractors that past clients have used.  Eighty30realty and its brokers are not responsible for contractors below. Interviewing & researching contractors is always advised prior to engaging their services.  Please verify that contractors have required and appropriate insurance & qualifications.


Downtown Boulder Restaurants

e-mapping & Flood plain maps

CITY of Boulder e-Mapping
COUNTY of Boulder e-Mapping
Parks, Trails & Open Space Maps for Boulder County
LOOD PLAIN Interactive Map


School Finder for Boulder Valley School District
School Finder for St. Vrain Valley School District
Private Schools

Mortgage Lenders

  Office Mobile Email    
Amanda Sessa, SWBC Mortgage 303.545.9600 303.883.8858 NMLS#257356 LMB#100018251
Trish Shaw, Elevations Credit Union 303.443.4672 x 2273 720.353.0208 NMLS#502141 LMB#717246


Contact Phone Email Address
Land Title Guarantee Company,Roxanne Henningsen 303.444.4101 2595 Canyon Blvd. Suite #240, Boulder, CO 80302

Planning & Zoning in Boulder

CITY Planning & Zoning
COUNTY Planning, Building & Zoning

Rental & Property Management links

Craig's List
Fourstar Property Management
Housing Helpers
8z Rentals (please tell them we sent you!)

Property Tax & Public REcords Search

Property Tax Search
ow to Calculate Property Taxes

Well & Septic Permit Search

Septic Permit Search
Well Permit Search 

contractor list

Building Contractors

Contact Email Phone
Porchfront Homes, Mary & Tim Coonce Tim's Cell (Construction) 303.589.1146
Mary's Cell (Finishes & Customer service) 303.601.8068
John Joseph, Phoenix Remodeling
Silver Lining Builders, Isaac Savitz
Joel Smiley
Brady Burke, Burke Builders 720.627.5364
Rob Luckett, Rob Luckett Builders 303.440.5231
Tim Murphy 303.440.4498
Ed Goodman 303.449.2015
David Rose, Rosewood Construction 303.931.6360
Parrish Construction 303.444.0033
Cottonwood Custom Builders 303.449.3076


Contact Email Phone
641West Design 303.588.3006 Olga de Lange 720.201.9319 Marcel de Lange 303.588.3006  
Tomecek Studio
Dale Hubbard, Surround Architecture 303.440.8089
Anne Olson   303.652.2668
Marc Shen   303.478.1875

animal & pest control

Contact Email Phone
Max Pest   303.678.0029
Animal & Pest Control Specialists Ronnie 303.440.0244
AAA Pest Control   303.494.2847

asbestos testing (Asbestos fact sheet for demolition & renovations)

Contact Email Phone
Weecycle Environmental Consulting   303.413.0452

Asbestos mitigators

Contact Email Phone
American Abatement   303.298.8550
Mike Major of Major Asbestos Control 303.591.1283‪‪
ESA (Earth Services & Abatement)   303.991.1280


Contact Email Phone
Gilles Palmarini   303.485.0255
Joe Golden 303.359.8407
Michael Burkhardt, Harbinger Appraisal 303.444.8188
Trudie Webster 303.898.5068
Julianne Anderson   303.499.7150
Dan Shack, Longs Peak Appraisal   303.772.7666
Bob Stamp   303.682.0367



Contact Email Phone
Caroline Bustillos of Caroline's Clean Team   303.775.0693

carpet cleaners

Contact Email Phone
Chem-Dry of Boulder   720.304.3910
Nesheim's Carpet Cleaning   303.666.8888
Personal Touch, Al   303.772.7373
Right Way Carpet Cleaning, Brian Martin   303.678.9114

Electrical Contractors

Contact Email Phone
Positive Energy, Jennifer Zynn 303.258.7310
Phil Himot, Ion Electric 303.332.5430
Pullen Wire- Don Pullen Hudson   303.444.9473

Energy audits

Contact Email Phone
Lightly Treading, Inc.   303.733.3078
Standard Renewable Energy   866.663.9764
Scott Home Inspection, George Scott   970.532.2424
Well Home, Tom Z. 720.202.8690
David Niger of Populus   303.587.0519
EnergyLogic   970.532.3220

Environmental Inspections Specialist

Contact Email Phone
Quality Environmental Services - Joe Boatman   303.530.2574


Contact Email Phone
Valley Excavating, Jim McKenzie   303.530.0112
M & M Pipeline, Martin Groan   303.668.6999 

Fireplace Technician

Contact Email Phone
Quality Fireplace Solutions   303.946.6535

General Contractor/Builders

Contact Email Phone
Porchfront Homes, Tim & Mary Coonce 303.442.8453
Isaac Savitz, Silver Lining Builders 303.601.2616
John Joseph, Phoneix Remodeling 720.404.0490
Andy Jennings, Autum Fine Building 303-894-0470

Handyman & General Maintenance Services

Contact Email Phone
Damian D’Apolito 720.635.6136
Eric Borchert 303.263.3207
Jay Simonelli   303.245.0952

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) Contractors

Contact Email Phone
Chuck Garton, Franklin Heating   970-420-6888
Less Carter at BMC Service   303-903-1029
Bernie’s Plumbing & Heating   303.442.7060
Controlling Systems   303.762.1421
Cooper Heating & Air   303.466.4209
Blue Valley Energy   303.993.2645
Franklin Heating & Air   970.420.6888
Meyers Heating   303.442.6640
Welzig   303.678.7728
Pauley Plumbing, Dave Pauley   303.772.8907
Roto Rooter   303.443.9333
Boulder Metal   303.442.0731

Hot tub, Pool & Spa Sales & Maintenance

Contact Email Phone
Terry Seidel of Mr. Pool 303.443.0821

Inspection Services (ALL PROVIDE RADON TESTS)

Contact Email/Website Phone
Allen Robie, Inspection Consultants Inc. 303.443.3668
Darwin, Insight Inspection   303.589.4706 cell, 303.652.3828 office

Dennis Tracy, Inspection Connection 303.828.1372
Eric Conda, AmeriSpec Inspection Services (also provides sewer scope inspections) 303.494.1188
George Philips, AXIS Property Inspections Inc. 303.673.9666
Jerry Payne, Axium Inspections (also provides mold inspections) 303.831.1202
Lou Conte, AmeriSpec Inspection Services (also provides sewer scope inspections) 303.494.1188
Luke Griess, Scott Home Inspection (also provides sewer scope & mold inspections, energy audits, etc.) 303.373.2424
Peter Lawrence, Kikin Inspection
Todd Brualdi, Scott Home Inspection (also provides sewer scope & mold inspections, energy audits, etc.) 303.373.2424

Insurance – Home, Condo, Auto & Renters

Contact Email Phone
Allstate Insurance, Joshua Alcon 303.604.6345
Ryan Slaughter, American Family 719.232.3810 cell, 303.444.1009 office
Jeff Barber, American Family   303.400.6508
John Stemper, Farmers   720.493.4969
Dan Lander, Colorado Farm Bureau   303.913.4234 cell, 303.850.5420 office
Kym Greer-Hairston 303.841.2340

Interior Designers

Contact Email Phone
Lisa Laursen 720.201.0999

Lead Based Paint Testing & Mitigation

Contact Email Phone
Tom Petty of Accurate Lead Testing   970.224.4923
Weecycle Environmental   303.413.0452


Contact Email Phone
Taylor Moving   303.443.5885
The Moving Connection David Moloney, Owner   303.665.6683
The Right Move   303.449.2222


Contact Email Phone
Eric Bianciotto 303.929.8758
Mike Jacobs   720.435.2106
Tom’s Painting   720.371.1263
Leslie Evans 720.837.8133
Mike Nordberg 720.951.1875
Joe Blackburn, Painted 720.404.1365
Jake Turner   303.817.7528

Plumbers & Boilers

Contact Email Phone
Eli Gessner 303.847.5595
Mike Lingenfelter   303.931.3687
Tim Hurtt 720.203.1663
Tim Weaver, Roto-Rooter Licensed Plumber   303.994.8649
Mitch’s Plumbing   720.231.8127

Radon Mitigation

Contact Email Phone
Terry Nelson, American Scientific & Environmental Consulting 303.774.6532
Tim Nahm, Advanced Radon Mitigation 303.985.1062
Radon Engineering-Stacy Skinner   303.741.1100


Contact Email Phone
1st Response Roofing, Marc Mosello   303.829.2588
First choice Roofing    
Roof Check   303.678.7828
3-R Roofing David Cottington/Michael Schuller 303.444.5640
Van Lier Roofing   303.440.0510
B & M Roofing of Colorado   303.443.5843

Scratch/Fracture Repairs of Tubs & Appliances

Contact Email Phone
Magic Man 303.252.9297


Contact Email Phone
Suc N’ Up, Steve fax 970.535.4792 720.289.6210
Sullivan Septic   303.772.4019
Acme Septic   303.459.1106

Sewer  Scopes inspections & drain Cleaning

Contact Email Phone
Sewer Scope LLC - Matt 303.750.0336
Tim Simon 720.201.3774
Hydro-Physics - Rich Johnson 303.806.0622
See Inside, Dan Echols   720.936.3279
Power Rooter   303.442.1901
Quality Drain & Sewer Cleaning, Dean   303.466.8710
Pipe Spies, Warren Rickford 303.795.3630
99 Dollar Rooter   720.276.9900
24/7 Drain & Sewer, Chris Haines   303.936.2470
ABC Drain & Sewer Cleaning   303.440.4483

Sewer Repair

Contact Email Phone
US Trench   720.999.8446
Colorado Waterscapes, Dave Taylor 303.588.4165
Big Horn Excavating, Terry Swink 303.823.6120
M&M Pipeline, Martin   303.668.6999

Solar Systems

Contact Email Phone
Independent Power Systems, Tony Boniface 303.319.6386

Soils Engineer

Contact Website/Email Phone
Scott Cox & Associates, Ed Glassgow 303.444.3051
Gus Escobar

Sprinkler Systems

Contact Email Phone
Taylor Made Sprinklers - Dan Taylor cell 303.589.7501 303.530.2136

Structural Engineering

Contact Email Phone

Scott Cox & Associates, Ed Glassgow 303.444.3051
Gus Escobar, G.A. Escobar Associates
Henry Lopez & Jonathan Smolens, Lopez Smolens Associates
Thomas Soell, VP of JVA, Inc. 303.444.1951
Kiva Engineering (formally Scott Cox)   303.702.0661


Contact Email Phone
Manuel Quinonez, Total stucco   720.364.4920
Tom Combs, Dryland Stucco   970.282.1018
AGS – Mike   303.933.6652
Angles Plaster and Stucco   303.727.8833


Contact Email Phone
Scott Cox & Associates, John Buri 303.444.3051
Flagstaff 303.499.9737
Flat Irons Surveying, Sterling for ILC’s 303.443.7001
Rob Hall - Gillian Land Consultants for Morrison/Golden   303.972.6640


Contact Email Phone
DerrekRunnels   720.404.0490


Contact Email Phone
Boulder Water Well 303.442.1911
John's Well Service 303.823.5344


Contact Email Phone
K & H Home Solutions - Alala Wakelin 303.842.7788
Slade Glass   303.442.3662
Solar Glass Company   303.442.4277
Toledo Glass   303.443.8282

Window Cleaning

Contact Email/Website Phone
Glass Gecko 720-966-8892