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The Internet of Homes: Fun & Economical Tech Solutions

Imagine the end of a busy workday: You arrive home, where lights gracefully adjust to a soothing hue as you enter, the oven is preheated to start cooking dinner and the air is warmed just how you like it.

As technology ascends into homes, we’ve started envisioning the ideal, cutting-edge Boulder abode. We’re really excited about the way LG Hue, IKEA, Google Nest, Honeywell and Hive can turn once humdrum aspects of our home into beautiful, responsive assets. These are just a few of the many companies flooding the smart-home market, which is expected to reach $21 billion in under five years.

Boulder is a prime market for welcoming tech enthusiasts home. Not only is our community flush with young, connected buyers, people who live here respect the value of an efficient home system. Plus, you have to admit that responsive lights and thermostats that detect your presence are pretty awesome.

Not only are tech companies creating home environments that respond to your preferences, their automated systems use less energy and make your home more attractive to the next buyer. And that’s how we can justify installing these fun systems!

When it comes to stepping up your home’s edge on the market, or improving the next 20 years in your home, we’re here to offer some really cool suggestions that will make yours a home of the future.

Tesla Powerwall

Get off the grid and efficiently store your solar power with an at-home Tesla Powerwall battery. If you’re thinking of installing solar panels, or already have some at your home, this type of battery is ready to store electricity for nighttime or emergency power. It lets you go “net zero,” which means your home won’t need to pull juice from the grid if you’re pulling it from the sun. Tesla markets its lithium ion Powerwall batteries as easy to install and maintenance free – better than bulky batteries currently on the market. The only catch is that you have to pre-order the Tesla Powerwalls – fortunately they’ll be available soon.

Bright Ideas

Phillips Hue makes light bulbs that adjust in hue and brightness – with your smart phone, of course. Can’t afford to miss a call? LG’s programmable light systems can flash when your phone rings. Broker favorite: LG’s lighting system can be programmed as an alarm clock to gradually increase in brightness when it’s time for you to wake up.

Smart Home Automation

The future is here. We love the possibility of adjusting our home environment from a tablet or a phone. Right now key players in the home automation market – Google Nest, Hive, Tado and Honeywell are making waves. Each of these companies offer smart home systems designed for comfort and economy. From thermostats to security and smoke alarms, these systems learn your preferences and adjust their settings according to your habits.  Rebates are available for home automation systems, so visit their websites and look for those offers. For example, Xcel offers a $50 rebate for Nest.

Feel More Secure

Keyless entry or fingerprint readers add convenience and heightened security over standard lock and key systems. Called biometric locks, these systems perform well beyond security systems of days gone by. You can use these systems to monitor your home from far away and keep your home more secure than ever.

Snow Melting Cables

If you don’t already have snow melting cables on your sidewalks and driveway, you’ll want them by spring. Snow-melting cables heat your roof, driveway and sidewalk to prevent snow from sticking by maintaining above-freezing temperatures when snow ice or rain begin to fall. A contractor can install cables under hard surfaces, or you can go for a heated snow mat for high traffic areas.

Appealing to an ever-evolving, tech savvy market isn’t always easy, but if you install these smart-home features, you’re going to appeal to a growing market of younger buyers. They stay connected, and we assure you, you’re going to love it, too. You’ll see how these systems compliment your home life, make you feel more comfortable and – thankfully – save you money.

Need some ideas?

Want to apply this technology to your home, but don't know where to start? Contact an 8030 Broker and we can help you find impactful ways to integrate these awesome technologies into your home.

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