Luxury Features People in Boulder Have Learned to Hate
If you think all luxury items are going to make your house more sexy and your life easier, you might want to think again. When considering which additions to splurge on when building or remodeling beware of these money suckers that often gather dust and won’t up the value of your home.


Think long and hard before you let Calgon take all your money away with one of these. While at first seeming romantic and relaxing, soaking in a cesspool of filth can require a larger hot water tank to fill the tub and increase your water bills. That’s right, those jets can get pretty clogged with bacteria, skin cells, and germs from previous baths! It’s also likely to cool your jets when the often ill positioned nozzles quickly chill that nice hot bath. It is pumping air into it after all.


Unless you are James Bond you will most likely shake your martini’s in the kitchen.  Often the first thing a host will do is offer up a drink. Wet bars are generally installed in upper levels of a home. Who would want to walk flights of stairs to make a martini and then balance it all the way back down to wait for the rest of the guests to arrive? If it’s just you drinking after a long hard day at work, would you want to take the hike before relaxing with your favorite drink? Most likely not.


While you may feel fancy filling a pot with water at the stove, albeit often taking longer than a regular sink would fill it, you will still have to lug that hot full pot to the sink to drain when the cooking is done. In addition, if the faucet ever leaks, there will be no drain to catch the flow leaving a moist mess that may cause expensive damage. That’s in addition to having to get the water and pipes over there in the first place. Why not take those extra six steps from the sink and spend your hard earned cash on something you’ll use everyday such as a high end espresso machine.


If you plan on aging your own bottles and handing down your estate from generation to generation, it might be a justifiable cost. However, if you consume wine at the rate of a homeowner, not a restauranteur, a nice wine fridge would be a better ally. It will always look stocked, keep your wine at the perfect temperature, and still leave you the funds to fill it.


Much of the motivation for a good workout comes from being inspired, and what better inspiration than seeing people around you working out? If you’re alone in your room you’re less likely to push a workout, let alone start it. So expend those extra calories getting yourself to the gym instead of taking that solicitors call that beeped in just as you stepped onto the treadmill.