Believe it or not, the love affair you once had can go south – and turn a burning passion for home into a lukewarm feeling. Spring can be a great time to consider what’s worth letting go. If you have a home relationship gone tepid, consider these ways to ignite that spark again.


The honeymoon is over. No amount of shampooing can uplift sad, downtrodden pile. Despite your good efforts, wall-to-wall carpet is destined to become absolutely gross. Go for a smooth alternative like hardwood or a durable lookalike. Just think – area rugs are much easier to break up with.


A lawn is like an ultra-needy partner, gobbling up hours of time and water that could frankly be used to grow food. Show your neighbors you’re done with this outdated look and leave the noisy mowers behind. Replace grass with a custom xeriscape yard. The native plants won’t need nearly as much care or water and you can be proud of a much healthier yard.

Dark rooms

Dark, gloomy rooms happen when you settle. Is this what you really wanted in a home? Probably not. If a new coat of paint can’t get you into a brighter space, consider a sun tube or skylight. Nothing beats natural sunlight to liven up your living space.

Outdated appliances

Nothing can dress up – or dress down – a home like old and inefficient appliances. Updating these relics could cut appliance energy consumption by half (even if they’re only 10 years old) and it’s something that gives your home a totally updated feel.

Weird smells

To you, it may not smell weird. You’ve lived there for years. But your guests may have something different to say about your favorite fragrance. A clean, fresh breeze can do wonders to clear the air in your abode. Take advantage of mild days and nights to invite inside Boulder’s soothing mountain breezes.