I often get asked "Do you need to stage homes in this hot Boulder market? Don't you just put a For Sale sign up and it sells?" I realized, what I know is not as obvious as I thought. This image below was from a home that I staged and professionally photographed. This image just underneath this one is the same exact room with the homeowner's furniture, not staged and not professionally photographed. 

Living Room Staged with Professional Photos (below)
Staged with Professional Photos

Same Living Room as above but unstaged with photos by the Homeowner (below)Unstaged & Photo by Owner

It's been proven again and again that staged homes sell quicker and for more money that unstaged homes.  Buyers can't "imagine" what a home could be like perfectly furnished.  You have to paint the picture for them.

Family Room unstaged with photos by homeowner (below)

Same Family Room above but staged & professionally photographed (below)

Most buyers buy emotionally. If the space doesn't "feel good" they'll likely just move on, maybe not even knowing why. It really could have been "the perfect home," but they just couldn't imagine themselves there. Well, at least the majority of the market can't. And if you only appeal to a minority of the market share, you are only going to command a minority of the market value. Even real estate brokers' perception of value is affected by the presentation of a home. Sellers don't get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression. Properly "packaging" your home is a game-changer. Staging & professional photos can sway what a Buyer is willing to pay up to 15% according to a 2015 NAR report. On a $1 million dollar home that's substantial – a $150,000 delta.

Bottom Line: Staging Benefit = the highest sale price, least amount of time on market, best terms and often multiple offers.  

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~ Deanna Franco | Owner, Realtor ®, Stager | 8030 Realty