According to Forbes magazine, Boulder won top props for being the best city to start a business in this year.  Just to prove their statement we attended Boulder Startup Week (May 11-15) and checked in with the many small business owners, new residents and Boulderite creatives to get their opinions on the matter of moving and shaking (both literally and figuratively) in the Boulder community. Here’s what they had to say…


Let’s get the hard stuff out of the way first. The biggest, and only, complaint was that finding a place to live in Boulder is not easy. For buyers and renters alike, places go like hot cakes. Rentals often go within hours, and homes often go for cash above the asking price, making it crucial to get in with a realtor who knows the ins and outs of the market who can best help you compete. (Luckily we have several right here on this site!)

With Boulder’s growth boundaries and height restrictions, there are a finite number of places within the Boulder city limits to live. That’s why surrounding communities are gaining popularity, even with the commute through the construction on U.S. 36. Places like Broomfield, Lafayette, Niwot, Nederland and Superior are cheaper than Boulder to buy, but they are growing in popularity so it would be a good investment for the foreseeable future if you can’t afford to live in Boulder proper.


Now let’s get to the good stuff. Investing in a home in Boulder is a smart move. We learned that there are more jobs than places to live in the city. With the influx of people and business it is unlikely that the property values will do anything but continue to skyrocket, and that includes all surrounding areas.

Boulder County and even some communities like Nederland make it easy to commute, with many businesses offering free bus passes. Bike paths crisscross the region, and there is an 18-mile bikeway under construction that leads to Denver along U.S. 36! Eco-car share programs are popular and many people bike to work, consistent with Boulder’s green city pursuit.

If you’re new to Boulder, don’t worry. Meeting people is easy. In this very active community you can find meetups for any interest you have, not to mention a vibrant nightlife. Because it is a melting pot of people it is common to meet one person and then have them introduce you to all their friends. Here the work-life balance in important and it tends to make people more efficient, for they know that working hard gives them more time to play hard. Networking is often a ski date, bike ride or game of frisbee golf. When you’re done with your work meeting, you can replenish yourself with one of the hundreds of unique and amazing restaurants in our incredible (and often local and organic) food scene.

So to recap, if you are looking to move, have just moved, or have been in Boulder forever, you’ve made the right choice for a best-of-all-worlds life. And that confirms that Boulder is a cluster of really smart people.