…and by escape, I mean literally.

Remember the days when kids went outside to play and didn’t come in until the street lights came on? They used their imagination, had to problem solve, had to figure out how to sort out differences together, and it felt as if they were in the worlds they created… well, because they were out IN the world. These days kids (or your roommate, significant other, or perhaps even you) are so sucked into electronics it’s a wonder people can even communicate with each other – without a phone that is. Why not take it back to the ‘old days’ and get your blood and adrenaline flowing with a new live-action mystery game? It’ll work your brain, entertain you wildly, and let you be the detective you always wanted to be, at least for an hour.

What is a live-action mystery game and where can you find one, you ask? In Boulder of course, the town is known for unique and independently owned creative businesses. Boulder opened its first escape room called Enigma, located at 1426 Pearl St. #020, last year after creators Matthew Sisson and Tommy West heard about the concept in Japan. This idea made its way to America in 2012 entertaining both coasts, and the Boulder version has been so popular 1,000 people played the Enigma game within the first two months – mind you only eight people can play at a time and each game lasts an hour.

The Missing Scientist, Enigma’s current adventure, is enhanced by Matt’s background in graphic and interior design, and stepping into the room is like stepping into the 1950s. You will be immersed in a story and locked in a room where the goal is to find the hidden clues, put them together, and solve the puzzle to get out. With authentic decor and antique items it isn’t hard to imagine yourself in another world. All technology, such as cell phones and computers, must stay outside of the room making it a true mental mystery. And just in case you loved it so much you want to do it again, they have several more stories and challenges waiting in the wings so you won’t have to play the same game twice.

Having only one hour requires you to be quick, think on your feet, and work as a group, which is great for team building. Many local businesses have already added it to their team building repertoire. “Jonathan Woodard was one of the first people to go through Enigma Escape Rooms when he did so with coworkers at Rapt Media,” reports The Daily Camera. “He says escape rooms are ideal for team-building because you learn a lot about how other people approach problems and interact in a group.”

Whether you’re looking to hone your company modus operandi, are searching for something to do on a rainy day, want to get your kids away from the video games, test your own mental capacity, or simply play detective for a day this is your chance. Gather your best seven mates and enter into a real life puzzle that exercises all your senses, not just your thumbs.

You can find Enigma on Pearl Sreet at:
1426 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 449-1094

If you just can’t get enough, try some of the Denver ones too:

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