Boulder is a hotbed for amazing innovative entrepreneurs who use their success to do good for the world. Ira Leibtag is a Boulderite who demonstrates this perfectly. He has re-discovered the “drink of kings” and he is convinced that his pure, liquid cacao drink, Cholaca, is much better than what the Mayan kings would’ve drunk. Here’s why we agree…

First, let us educate you a little about cacao. Cacao or cocoa is the bean in the fruit of the cacao tree. Don’t get this confused with cocoa powder which, without getting too technical, is what is left when you separate the cacao butter (or oil) from the bean itself. Once processed to make cocoa powder the nutrients from the natural cacao are diminished, and there are an abundance of nutrients not to be lost in natural cacao. Cholaca, currently the only product of its kind, is pure, unadulterated liquid chocolate with all its vitamins and benefits intact. It has only three ingredients in its sweetened version – cacao, water, and coconut sugar. The unsweetened version has only two.

Cacao is one of nature’s superfoods. Filled with vitamins such as A, B’s, and C, as well as minerals like iron and magnesium, it provides a plethora of health benefits. It is one of the highest known sources of antioxidants having about 10x the amount in blueberries. The alkaloid theobromine provides a natural boost of energy similar to caffeine but without the come down. It will get you buzzing like a hyper-focused busy bee determined to partake of the pollen from every flower gracing the entire front range.

Beyond Cholaca’s amazing rich and creamy chocolate flavor, health benefits, and energy boost, Ira sees it as a way to create economic sustainability for communities where cacao is grown. His goal is to preserve one of the last pieces of primary rainforest in South America, and to help the local people optimize their cacao farms to keep them regenerating for years to come. He wants to turn that area, and eventually other areas all over the world, into cacao meccas by building processing facilities to increase each community’s income and resources so that the locals can generate enough money to build schools, create programs, and build economically sustainable communities.

His business model is simple…educate people on Cholaca’s story and inspire them to inspire others. In addition to raising money to save a large chunk of the rainforest, Cholaca is also trying to purchase a house and a farm smack dab in the middle of it. They want to bring down baristas and employees alike in order to provide them with an eco-experience and educate them on the process of farming cacao. What consumer wouldn’t want to know, for instance, that their purchase is contributing to a women’s program in a place in Ecuador that’s not even on the map?

We are so excited about this beverage that we want to give you a free taste. Visit our Facebook or Twitter page, follow either or both of our accounts, then share or retweet our post about Cholaca, and you will be entered to win a free case of Cholaca! That’s 12 12-oz bottles (a $120 value!!) so you too can drink like a king. But enter soon as we will be picking a winner Monday, August 10.

If you just can’t wait to try it, and we recommend you do, it is now in many of Boulder’s hottest coffee shops and natural grocers. You can find your local supplier here http://cholaca.com/locations/.