Nederland, Colorado

Nederland is in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and located just 17 miles west of Boulder. With an elevation of 8240 feet, Nederland provides easy access to outdoor recreation.
There are no stoplights, highway noises, or droves of strangers on your morning coffee run. In Nederland, less is more. The simplicity, solitude and clean, fresh air can add serenity to your life as no big city can.
If you’re willing to brave the altitude adjustment and wave goodbye to suburbia, you’ll notice the distinct lines of highways and city grids fade away.
Crest the Boulder Canyon to overlook Barker Reservoir and unexpectedly, Nederland’s streets (most of them are paved) begin to follow the path of the earth’s intentions, much like the people who live here. They, like the wildlife that’s always called this it’s home, listen to the heartbeat of the land and the songs of the wind.


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