When it comes to rebate brokers, you’re not going to get the full-service staging expertise that our experienced 8030 brokers provide. This home is a great example of how we can make your home shine above other listings.

Boulder homes regularly sell above asking prices – and some with the quickness of wild rabbits – so why would listing with a rebate broker be risky?

The answer comes when you consider what full-service, experienced agents offer and what rebate brokers don’t. Full-service brokers spend seven days a week working for you. They weed out the simply curious and bring to the table serious buyers after they’ve considered who could be a right match for your home.

Rebate brokers don’t show up in person, they don’t manage photos and certainly won’t manage showings, follow up with buyers or develop prospects.

Want to know more details? We’re happy to break it down for you here.

Who’s showing your home matters.

Besides the fact that buyers don’t want you at home when they’re shopping for their next big investment, an 8030 broker can help make sure potential buyers are legitimate. They’ll check out the potential buyer and ensure you’re showing to someone who means business. Good brokers pride themselves at being available any day of the week. Can your schedule promise that kind of flexibility?

How you list matters.

Buyers are savvy. A single internet listing and a yard sign won’t do the trick. An experienced broker knows when, how often and how to list your home (don’t forget 8030’s magnificent photo services) and will help you stage your home to fetch the best possible price.

8030 Realty’s Managing Broker Deanna Franco specializes in home staging with a masterful eye for decorating. She often supplies furniture and homeware to make your home sparkle. Check out her recent staging expertise at 3959 Springleaf Lane.

This is why you can consider full-service brokers like us as business coaches of sorts. Unless you’ve sold hundreds of homes you probably won’t know the myriad of tips a professional, full-service broker can offer to prepare your home for sale.

Negotiation matters.

When you consider what could be your largest investment to date, you’re going to want to close with the most attractive offer. Full-service brokers who sense the pulse of an ever-changing real estate market, regulations and the community have the upper hand over rebate brokers who cover a vast area and who get paid by the hour – no matter how little they help you.

Making the decision.

How can you decide between a fixed-price rebate broker and a hands-on broker? Ask questions. Request references. See when they are available to both show homes and field your inquiries. Ask about their marketing strategies and what they have done to find success in helping both buyers find their next home.

Not all brokers are the same. When you find the right one, you can be assured that you’re getting the best value for your buck (well, mule deer, you mountain fan).

Call 8030 Realty to speak with an experienced broker and don’t be afraid to ask us about our full-service home sales support and experience. We’ll help you find your next step.