As real estate brokers we scour through hundreds of photos a day. All too often we find ourselves saying, “Really? You posted that photo?” It’s a proven fact that great real estate photos help homes sell better and quicker. Here are some tips to make sure your pictures are bringing the buyers in.


A well lit room is a must. Using as much natural light as possible will help brighten the picture. Don’t forget to pay attention to white balance, dingy whites and “off” colors are not appealing. For the most part flashes are a no-no as they can reflect on surfaces, light only a portion of a room while making the rest look even darker, and it may not give you the best exposure. Use flashes with caution.


If you think HDR stands for High Def Resolution well…. you may be right if you work for Sony. However, in this case it stands for High Dynamic Range and is a technique that professionals use to combine photos of different exposures so that every part of the room looks evenly lit and gives that distinctive rich, glowing color. It keeps the darkness out of the corners and the brightness of a sunny window toned down enough to see the outside.


Make sure the whole room is clear and crisp. Fuzzy, out of focus pics do nothing to sell a home. Pro’s use specific aperture adjustments to create perfect clarity and wide angle lenses to capture more in a single frame. If you do use a wide angle lens be aware that it can cause perspective distortion and make the walls look like they are curving. Professionals know how to correct this effect.


At what height do you normally view your home? You might think standing up, but the majority of time spent in your home is sitting or even lying down. Take photos that are familiar to that natural sightline, and make sure they are always on a perfect horizontal plane.


First impressions matter. Is the toilet seat down? Are the counters clear of clutter and laundry off the floor? Make the home look like you care! Grab attention with a well kept yard and a welcoming, clean entrance. Everyone wants to imagine themselves in the home they are viewing, so let buyers paint their own picture. Make the home warm and inviting but most importantly non-personal. To make a great image think “this could be anyone’s home.”

Here’s some great examples of what we think are great photos  http://boulderrealestatephotos.com/