Would you live in a North Boulder neighborhood with Flatiron views, artist neighbors, a community greenhouse and Boulderites who revel in creating progressive community ties?

We definitely think some of you would, and it probably won’t be hard for Boulder developers Bruce Dierking and Jim Loftus to fill their proposed Boulder Armory neighborhood. This attractive proposal at Broadway and Lee Hill Road could help North Boulder become a hot spot for dining, the arts and sustainable living, if all goes as planned.

This art-centric community, brewery and sustainable neighborhood – complete with a greenhouse – is part of a plan to revamp 8.5 acres that the Colorado National Guard has owned since 1956.

This is a 180-degree shift from the concrete, fenced lot, which comprises one of the largest “undeveloped” properties in Boulder. It won’t just affect the people who live on these four blocks. Everyone who’s invested in North Boulder can anticipate this effort with open arms, as it’s aiming to create a lively, self-nourishing center for years to come.

Dierking and Loftus want to repurpose the Boulder Armory building and surround this lot with four blocks of residential buildings topped with solar panels, laced with energy efficient amenities.

They say they’re going “beyond merely the average” to create a place that will “elevate the lives of the community’s residents, neighbors and visitors for decades to come.”

Touting progressive, social development principles, the plan includes open space meeting areas to encourage neighborly interaction. Plus, there’s the on-site solar panels, smart home controls and aggressive recycling and waste reduction systems. The greenhouse would be used by residents to grow their own food and affordable housing will focus on attracting artists, who would sell their creations in the built-in market.

The developers have revised their plan in April to show underground parking, as well as other engineering tweaks. They’re expected to submit formal plans within the next few months.

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