Boulder’s Affordable Housing subject affords a lot of opinions ranging from nothing but praise to downright nasty arguments. There are many issues at play including the requirements of developers to either make a certain amount of their units into affordable housing, build affordable housing units elsewhere, or pay a fee instead of those two options. There are valid points to be made that the above practices have added to the high cost of living in Boulder as the fee, which has been the option the majority of builders choose, is passed on to the renter or buyer and therefore ups the cost of living. Boulder’s City Council recently unanimously approved an ordinance that will require commercial development also to pay a fee charged either per square foot or based on the number of rooms, beds, or students. It remains to be seen whether or not taking the money from the above fees and other programs away from HUD to manage (the government based program) and putting it in the hands of local private investors will be of any significance. This is currently in debate and may soon change.

It is just as likely that the large influx of people coming to Boulder for work paired with the infamous zoning requirements is causing the rise in rental prices and the increase in home values. Many residents are up in arms at the proposition of using open space land for more affordable housing or raising the height requirements or putting a head tax on people.

Regardless of the above issues, the fact remains that there ARE housing deals to be had. Thistle Communities and Boulder Housing Partners are two organizations that can help you afford a home in the city of your dreams. They help lower-income people afford to both purchase and rent homes and don’t automatically think you won’t qualify. With the high cost of living as well as the average income in Boulder many people who don’t think they would fit into a low-income bracket are surprised to find that they do qualify for these programs. Go HERE to see some of the programs that are available, and feel free to talk to one of our knowledgeable 8030 Brokers who has proudly sold many affordable homes.

If you’re already a Boulder resident or becoming one soon make your voice heard on the subject. Affordable housing is an ongoing, big-ticket issue and Boulder’s City Council listens and takes into consideration its communities needs and ideas, but you have to speak up. Research, take action and help shape our community.